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Entertaining Movie Theater Equipments

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There are more than a few components to movie theater equipments, all functioning communally to present a viewing experience as good as in a cinema theater. The common movie theater equipments that you will require include a television or screen, sound system, DVD player, projector screen etc.


All component of your movie theater system has a specific meaning and they work collectively to produce a complete visual and aural experience bringing you into the movie. However, this preferred effect would only be achieved depending on the excellence of the movie theater equipment that you purchase along with proper installation.


In this article I will introduce you the unorthodox movie theater equipments of new era which will be very informative for you like 3D theater and 4D theater equipments etc.


The 3D theater equipments not merely give a wonderful visual experience but also a immense aural experience as well. In an IMAX 3D theater, up to 44 speakers are used to present the viewers with surround sound. The speakers require 12,000 watts of electric power to ensure a fantastic viewing experience. The viewers need to put on 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D effect. These glasses are polarized and matched with the projector.

3D cinema is generally a movement system that enhances the fantasy of profundity sensitivity. Resulting from stereoscopic photography, 3D cinema employs a normal motion picture camera system to record the images as seen from two dimensions, and special projection hardware and a pair of 3D glasses are used to realize depth illusion when watching movies. 3D cinema equipments consist of projectors, Screen, Sound system, and glasses.

The projectors of 3D cinema which present s 3D images are not usual ones in customary movies, whereas Silver screens are usually used in 3D cinemas.

4d Motion Cinema offers the unique impact, the jet, vibration, and legs sweeping function, and other functions make you feel like in the scene on the screen, getting shocked, excited and passionate.

4D theater equipments consist of a 4D special motion chair seat system with 3D traditional movies. 4D cinema just has dynamic chairs with few special effects. 4D cinema is based on 3D cinema system.