Prominence of Digital Theatre Equipment over Conventional System

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Digital cinema technology has taken industry with a boom, having its long lasting and revolutionary impact on all aspects of industry from production to display.

The reason for the popularity of digital cinema equipment is its various different advantages, particularly related to the digital projectors used in the theaters.

Digital projectors allow the cinema owners to display various non-movie items as well which include advertisements, operas and concerts in the theaters which was not possible with the conventional system.

These projector system occupy much lesser space as compare to reel based system , and required display area is also lesser. The most significant advantage is the quality of images which are displayed on the cinema is very high, large and small resolution pictures are easily shown on screen.

Handling of digital cinema projection is quite easy because of the computer controlled system.

The main disadvantage with digital cinema equipment is the fact that, there is a continuous change in the technology , thus if you have acquired a system this year , it is possible that your entire system become obsolete in next five years. Zhuoyuan 7D Cinema’s is linked with manufacturing diverse range of digital theater equipment  :


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