Month: July 2013

Prominence of Digital Theatre Equipment over Conventional System

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Digital cinema technology has taken industry with a boom, having its long lasting and revolutionary impact on all aspects of industry from production to display.

The reason for the popularity of digital cinema equipment is its various different advantages, particularly related to the digital projectors used in the theaters.

Digital projectors allow the cinema owners to display various non-movie items as well which include advertisements, operas and concerts in the theaters which was not possible with the conventional system. Read the rest of this entry »

LED Display Screens – Best Way to Advertise Your Products

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The LED panels are utilized for illumination other than displaying purposes. An LED section comprises of number of LEDs and a usual LED displays, comprises of numerous LED panels. Surface climbed on apparatus section and accepted LED section is the two categories of LED panels discovered in the market. The accepted section values discrete LEDs which are utilized particularly for brandish partitions in large outdoors. Read the rest of this entry »

7D Cinema Captivating World of Entertainment

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The 7D Cinema Equipment is the Multi-sensory experience with the best projection screens and the metal projection screens help to provide a clear view of the scenes so that the resolution of the movie doesn’t affect the eyes of the viewers.

The innovative creativity of this equipment has covered a huge market and its creating its value in the marketing and entertainment world. The unique Cinematic experience of this 7d cinema equipment makes it different from other equipments.7d cinema system technology-ZHuoyuan Cinema Machinery

The six directional seat movements in this equipment will be the highlight of the equipment because it has 6 degree of freedom which is linked with the base of the cinema. There are several effects that are being manufactured with this cinema equipment but the most popular are the rain, snow, wind and butt & thigh tickling. Read the rest of this entry »